Suggestions for a career change? (Necropost)

DaveInSoCal thought this was worth mentioning said

I’m getting tired of my current career and thinking about making a change (about to be 40). My problem is (and always has been) this: I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I thought maybe you all could make some suggestions that I might not have considered.

I like reading (mostly science fiction & fantasy), movies (all kinds), old-school video games (think Galaga, Pacman, Robotron, etc.), relaxing, eating, ummm… maybe that’s it? I like tech gadgets but don’t know much about how things work. I use an android phone. I buy things from meh. My next tech purchase will probably be an Amazon Echo.

I’ve thought about writing, learning to code, wandering the earth like Caine in Kung Fu (wife would probably divorce me, though).

I’m good at talking to people, sales, relationship management (stroking egos, putting out fires, and accomplishing tasks). Currently in the financial services industry but not an advisor.

Ready… GO!