StriimLight Destruction: The Mini-ing (or, Sequels Rarely Succeed)


Alright, well I ripped apart an Awox StriimLight a while back, and folks dug it enough that I scored a pair of the Minis to similarly vivisect. So…

Let's do this!
First thing's first. These Minis are actually a useful size. These should be called the StriimLights, and the StriimLights should be called the StriimLight Maxis. These… fit in bulb spots.

So, I was able to actually test these before the destruction! And, hey, they sound about as good as you could hope for a bluetooth receiver, amplifier, and speaker all crammed inside a light bulb. The light quality is not bad either, and while the Maxi is set up more like a spotlight, with barely-diffused LEDs firing right from the front, the Mini has the LEDs near the Edison screw, with a kind of diffuse light pipe setup running up the side. Anyway, I spent too many nights this week trying to rig up a stereo configuration using this thing — 

— and it was all fails, all the time. So, believe me, despite the okay sound and the okay light, I was ready to demolish.

While the Maxi had to be spudged apart from the beginning, this thing is actually held together with screws. Well, that's no fun. Alright, let's yank 'em out.

Okay, so, we have a circuit board already! It's… well… very similar to the Maxi. In this picture, we see a daughterboard jutting out which is the same as the otherwise inexplicable daughterboard on the Maxi. Makes sense if they can share one BT board between the two models. Otherwise, the (single) circuit board on this one is both cramped and sparsely populated. I'll try to get a better look at the chips later. Just like the Maxi, this thing has way too much thermal grease… everywhere. Alright, let's pull out all the cables.

Rats! That one connector is all blocked in by that other connector! A little mangling with a screwdriver frees it up, but I don't actually think there's a way to get it out without either a: kind of screwing up that receptacle, or b: desoldering something. Inside the white plastic bit there are a couple of screws that should free up the Edison screw and let us dismantle this thing.

Double rats! Rat kings! Sure, those screws loosen up the zappy end, but the holes in the (seemingly more substantial than the Maxi's) heatsink are too small to sneak either side through. I could dismantle the Edison screw (maybe), or desolder the power leads (not a connector as on the Maxi), but… well… that all seems pointless. We've seen everything here anyway, let's just mess with the other half of the light.

It just kind of… fell apart, actually. Three screws on the top of the white bit, and then a bit of spudger action frees up the speaker assembly.

Not terribly exciting. I could remove the (1.3″ish)speaker, but… again, to what end? The PCB here exists solely to hold that IR receiver (which is located on the LED ring on the Maxi). Speaking of LED rings, that's all we have left, I guess… Let's hit the other side of the tube with a spudger, and get…

16 LEDs, of a smaller die size than the Maxi, otherwise similarly arranged. Meaning, in a circle, the back of which is covered in so much thermal grease, you could deep fry a thermal turkey in it.

That's… pretty much that! Here's a dumb ol' gallery with side-by-sides of the two speakers & LED rings, among other bonus photos. Honestly, this one wasn't as exciting to tear apart. It started so obviously, with screws; it only required one (PH1) screwdriver, and it only took about a quarter of a beer to thoroughly tear down. I look forward to meh selling some more complicated electronics in the future, so I continue to have something to do on a Friday night.