Spooky Goat day seven!



I went to Aldi yesterday and bought some spooky food.

I don’t usually buy much themed food anymore, except for Monster cereal. (And, I have to admit, I’m considering the Burger King Halloween Whopper this year. Approximately 30 years ago Mueller had a monster-shaped pasta that I absolutely adored and made mac & cheese with a bunch of times, and I’m still mad they don’t make it anymore.

/image mueller monster shape pasta

I’ve never made much from scratch–a bundt-pan pumpkin a couple of times (two bundt cakes to make a pumpkin w/an upside-down cupcake for the stem), and once I made the sweetest punch in the world. I don’t think I have the recipe anymore, but it was 2 packs of Kool-Aid, purple and orange, a bottle of ginger ale and then you put orange sherbet in it. It was supposed to be black, and started out that way, but turned brown and then eventually a horrible swamp-green. The color was actually really effective with the melted sherbet making believable weird pond scum. If you like things that look disgusting and will actually make your teeth hurt you’ll love it! I made it for a party in my 20’s (I’d probably been waiting a decade for the opportunity), and everybody hated it except for one guy who loved it so much we filled an empty wine bottle for him to take home.