Spooky Fast IRK Reveal (October 2020)


If this came any faster, Doc Brown would have dropped it off in a DeLorean before I ordered it. My October IRK is here, only two days after the Mehrathon! And twice in a row I’m the first one to reveal, though I know there are mehtizens that live much closer to HQ.

enter image description here

  • Red IRK bag
  • Yellow Asobu mug, building a collection of these
  • Salon Quality Flat Iron Accessory Set
  • PALM Coolers Tie Down Set, I bet it can tie down other things too
  • A mystery gift which I bet is a tiny drone.

Thanks Meh, thanks to your warehouse and shipping teams, and to @Shawn for apparently creating a predictive AI to ship IRKs before they’re bought.