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Victor & Victoria TaC Brew™ Automatic Tea & Coffee Brewers

  • One brews coffee, the other brews tea
  • Choose wisely (or not so wisely; it’s really just coffee or tea)
  • Basically, you assemble the pieces, put the grounds/leaves in, pour the water over them, set the timer, and then you get delicious pour-over style coffee/loose-leaf tea without having to stand there and watch
  • Model: C0FF33LZ-50-600D
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Timing Is Everything

Some days, my alarm goes off at 6:00 in the morning and I get right up. It’s great. I can take my time, brew a Chemex of coffee for me and my wife, and enjoy the quiet house, sipping a mug of single origin and reading a book before the world is fully lit.

Other days, the alarm goes off at 6:00. Then at 6:30. Then at 6:45. Then at 7:00. Then I kinda lay there, playing around on my phone, reading Twitter, or checking in on my fantasy basketball team, seeing what’s new in the world, etc. On those mornings, what do I do?

Well, to be honest, I still brew a Chemex of coffee. Leisurely. After all, the commute from the kitchen to the little home office where my computer is doesn’t take much time, especially because I don’t have to change out of my pajamas. Or shave. Or shower.

But let’s imagine I didn’t work from home. Let’s imagine I contributed more to the world than snarky strings of text about robot vacuum cleaners and boldly patterned socks and therefore had to leave my house at least once a day. In that case, I might not have the time to make delicious yet time-consuming pour-over Chemex coffee. Instead, I’d need to either use a drip machine (which would make coffee that tastes burnt unless you shell out for a really good one… or get one of those Motif pour-over style ones we sell), or a Nespresso (which, yes, makes great espresso very quickly, but the price of the pods really adds up after a while, and in my experience, the fill-it-yourself ones don’t work).

So, to recap: Chemex takes a while, drip machines make bad coffee, and Nespresso pods are too expensive.

So what should I do?

I should get one of these Victor & Victoria TaC Brew™ Automatic Brewers. It’s got a timed release, so all I need to do is click a few pieces together, put in my coffee, pour in the water for steeping, and then get that delicious, artisanal coffee taste without having to play babysitter.

In conclusion, they also do a tea one, which is probably even more useful if you’re into loose-leaf tea.

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