SPOILER ALERT - SideDeal Valentine’s Mystery Bundle Reveal


Package arrive yesterday afternoon on Valentine’s Day. I got this as a gift to myself for missing out on the prior IRK. Grrrr.

Here are the three items:

6 Super Major Oatmilk bars 6, value $7.50
SideDeal 24 for $29.99

Curtis Stone Wine Pump and Chiller Set, value $15.00
eBay $15.50 includes shipping
amazon $22.99 currently not available

Made-in Glassware
50 oz Wine Decanter, value $99.00??
Made-in website madeincookware.com $99.00
amazon, which links to a made-in store $99.00

Total estimated value $121.50, SideDeal’s value $168.00

Made-in is a high end cookware and glassware company based in Austin, TX. The glass, though seems rather thin. Don’t know how durable it is. The description of the decanter on their website:

Crafted by artisans who have been producing the world’s finest glassware since the late 1800s, the Decanter is free of lead and heavy metals to be more durable and create a colorless clarity. We designed the Decanter with you in mind—the surface area is large enough to accelerate aeration, yet compact enough to avoid crowding your table.

Like the rest of our barware, our Decanter is made from high-quality crystal glass that’s handblown in Italy. For the home bar or bar cart, wine enthusiasts will find it’s as essential as a beautiful wine glasses set.

enter image description here

enter image description here