Sour candy, not so sour?


The other day at work in the break room, a co-worker grabbed a pack of Sour Patch Kids out of the vending machine. She ate one, looked like she was eating a lemon, and then proceeded to give them to me because they were way too sour for her. Then she was flabbergasted to find out that I didn’t even think they were sour.

I can eat Warheads, no problem.

I’ve considered buying sour candy online that’s supposed to be the sourest of all sour candy because I’m curious if my taste buds are broken.

I have eaten plain lemon wedges, and they do taste sour, but not to the point of making crazy faces. Maybe I have trained my taste buds just like someone who eats hot food all the time can go hotter and hotter. I am horrible at eating spicy food.

What’s your favorite sour candy? Do you like it to be extra sour? Do you hate sour candy?