Soooo Close. {April 2019 2019 Scapegoat Blame Thread}


I’m sure you’re wondering why we’ve gathered you all here on this, the 1st day of April, in the year of our goat, two-thousand-nineteen.

It’s for blame.

Blame that the site crashed (probably).

Blame that @mediocrebot still has @dave tied up somewhere.

Blame for everyone who didn’t score a pop-socket.

You see, @Deathbynoodlez is like that friend you can always count on for that one thing, this one thing just happens to be them asking for popsockets.
Thanks to almost 6 straight months of dedication, they’ve now earned their place in that great hall of infamy - meh scapegoat.

Oh and there’s a meh-rathon today, something about April Fool’s?