SideDeal Instant Regret Kit, 17 November 2023 Edition

werehatrack went on a bit of a rant said

This is absolutely the best advice of all, straight from the blurb posted with the item:

Easy and smart: Don’t buy this IRK. Shop in the Meh-rathon if you’d like, but avoid all the regret.

That said, inevitably, at least one person will try each of the many ways that they can think up as approaches to rules-lawyering the deal, to get additional cheap IRKs, or get just one cheap without spending $20 (or more, but only the first $20 counts) in the Mehrathon. .

Don’t Be That Person, mmmkay?

ONLY purchases made using the genuine November 17/18 (EST) Mehrathon “Buy It” buttons can qualify for the SINGLE up-to-$20 discount on the purchase of ONE IRK.

You get NO DISCOUNT/REBATE for stuff bought before the Mehrathon, stuff bought somewhere else, stuff bought on SideDeal or Casemates or Morningsave at ANY time, or stuff that you meant to buy but didn’t. Unless you like being mocked, play by the rules and take the regret that comes as standard equipment with a typical IRK purchase.

Or avoid the regret and don’t buy one.

It’s your choice.