Shopping for a new phone, spending $400 or less. Recommendations?

ruouttaurmind went on a bit of a rant said

I’ve decided it’s time to abandon iOS. I’m shopping for an Android phone. Many of my required apps don’t support Windows mobile, so that’s not an option.

Stuff I need:

As the title suggests, I’m comfortable paying up to $400, but probably not much more. To maximize my expenditure, I’ll be satisfied with a grade A refurb or used. I’ve been able to get more device for less $$ in the past buying used/refurb phones.

So what to shop for? LG6 or V? ZenPhone 4 or Max? Moto G, X or Z? Samsung 8 or 9? Can I get an unlocked Pixel? Does Nokia even make phones anymore? They must, they used to be a huge player. I loved my HTC 3D, but TBH, I don’t recall seeing much in the high-mid market from HTC in quite a while.

I started shopping this weekend, but it’s so overwhelming! Each maker offers several models, and several variations of each model… it’s crushing!

So… if you have a recommendation (based on personal experience and knowledge, not “a guy at work owns one and he says it’s great!”) please weigh in with your experience and expertise. Please and thank you!