SHAME on Woot! iPad 1 for $208, plus tax, plus $5 shipping?

ruouttaurmind shared a link said

When I first read the item description I thought… “surely I’m missing something here?”

But no, I checked the item description “A magically and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price.” and searched the Apple model number MB292LL/A (Apple iPad 1st Generation 16GB, Wi-Fi). For $208 plus tax and shipping? Shameful!

Worse still… it sold out in less than an hour. Sure, there were only two of them, and one poor sucker bought 'em both, but still. Imagine that poor buyer when they open the box and find used/refurbed iPad 1’s and then realize they were soaked for nearly $450 for a pair of aluminum and glass drink coasters!

I just can’t imagine, even within the Bezos empire, something like this can get greenlighted.