Sam's Club One Day Sale -- Anyone else score a super-awesome deal!?


Sam’s launched their one-day sale at midnight EST last night. They were offering a lot of different stuff for deep discounts (some not so much).

I was eyeballing a 75" LG TV that was supposed to be $999 (normally $1399) and a Vizio 70" for $649 (normally $829). I decided yesterday that I would try to get the 75" if I could score one. Of course, their website crashed at launch. I had to be up early this morning so I gave up and went to bed after trying for 2 hours.

This morning, I got up and tried again first thing. The TVs were still in stock! Woohoo! I added it to my cart and… ? The price dropped to $599! I’m not sure if their system screwed up, or if they were giving an additional $400 for plus members ? Or if they were attempting to make up for last night! ? I checked out, and even with the added 4 year protection plan and shipping, it was under $800!

I went back and it was still showing at that price so I grabbed another one and added it. It showed up as $599 too. I went to check out and everything looked good… until I finalized the checkout and the price jumped to $999 plus tax.

I called my brother and asked him to check (he’s a plus member too) and he said it was showing at $999 for him too.

So I left both orders in place for now. If they say it was a fluke and cancel the first one, I have the 2nd one to fall back on. If they say nothing and ship both TVs, I’ll return the more expensive one.

So, did anyone else have that issue too? Anyone know what was going on? Please tell me it isn’t a fluke!