Safe Saga Conclusion


For those of you following along, I received the keys today.

That means you, @barnabee @Kidsandliz @speediedelivery @xarous @JonT @MEHcus @chellemonkey and all the others I can't get listed due to slow internet currently and not wanting to load the full Fuku 2 thread.

For those who have no clue what is going on: I received a letter in my fukubukuro, received a safe with clues to solve in order to get the combination only to discover the safe didn't work due to batteries coming loose. Meh sent me replacement keys...or did they? The original safe post and followup can be seen at this link

This part of the saga began with a seemingly innocent little box
enter image description here

Inside that was a bubble mailer. It didn't feel like keys so I could sense the fun would continue.
enter image description here

Ok, now this I didn't expect at all.
enter image description here
It is apparently the Password Journal 8. I'm familiar with how these work and how cheap they are. I could easily destroy it but figured that I should just use Irk's singing to unlock. I was correct, but accidentally unlocked it when I wasn't ready. As a result I decided to close it again. Yeah, deal with the suspense! When closing, the following sound clip plays:

In order to open, a specific section of Something Went Terribly Wrong needs to be played back. Like so:

At this point, the password journal is open!enter image description here

Noone can resist invisible ink! Well done, sir or madam.enter image description here

Below that is a secret compartment!
enter image description here

Inside are the keys
enter image description here

At long last, the safe is open!
enter image description here

The battery compartment cover broke, resulting in the batteries and part of the battery compartment flying loose into the safe.
enter image description here

My loot is mysterious!
enter image description here

enter image description here
$100 in Amazon gift cards! I fully expect to be nominated scapegoat at this point. If it doesn't happen, I'll be shocked.

For completion's sake, I taped the battery compartment closed and filmed a video of the opening which is available at

Overall the experience has been amazing despite the issues with the safe leading to such a delay in resolution. I was expecting at most another meh shirt to be inside the safe. The gift cards applied to my account with no issues and I will definitely be purchasing a copy of the EW yearbook, just for the great story attached.

I would like to thank everyone associated, but I have no clue who all was a part of it outside of Jon and Marcus who I've already tagged. Thanks @snapster for the great new site, you'll definitely be getting more money from me.

Oh, and thanks for nothing, @Thumperchick ;-)