@ruouttaurmind Gallery adds two new @UncleVinny originals


This afternoon @ruouttaurmind Gallery announced the addition of two new @UncleVinny original works to it’s collection. The pieces, titled Untitled Desertscape 2 and Untitled Desertscape 3 were donated to the gallery by @UncleVinny. These works will join Untitled Desertscape in the gallery’s new @UncleVinny wing.

At the grand unveiling event, gallery curator @ruouttaurmind commented “These are some very important works. We at the gallery feel these pieces deserve their own space. We moved Untitled Desertscape from the grand hall and created a dedicated space for these beautiful pieces where admirers can view them in a more intimate environment”.

@ruouttaurmind Gallery is open on some days from sometime in the morning until later on. Admission is $10,000 for adults, $97,000 for children. Open-minded ladies are admitted free on Friday afternoons at beer o’clock. Please call the gallery for advance reservations. (760)706-7425.

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