RunCam HD (Mobius clone) ordered tonight


I looked at 808, Mobius and RunCam. I finally decided on RunCam because I tripped into a deal on eBay. $25 plus $3 shipping from USA seller. I should have it by Saturday.

It's got a 120* FOV, and does 1080p/30, 720p/60/30. Weight is 41g, and battery life is around 2 hours, but it includes a power/FPV cable as well.

FPV latency is comparable to Mobius (maybe just a bit faster when recording).

So the plan is to strap this onto the Runner 250 so if I ever grow a pair and actually go fast, it'll make some interesting video. Also, the RunCam is much more convenient and comfortable as a head cam than the GoPro.

On Thursday I ordered a little SQ8 camera, but I'll be cancelling that order and sticking with the RunCam for now.

enter image description here