Review: Polti Moppy. A purchase.

patti went on a bit of a rant said

Hello fellow mehtizens.

I’m here in New York and still under lockdown which leaves me with a surprising amount of time on my hands, I thought I would write a review of my most recent purchase of the Polti Moppy (a sort of steam mop).

Packaging: 7/10

The packaging is fine. It seems a little fancy and very Italian which is nice (bella!) but I think it could have been a bit more compact. There was quite a lot of cardboard filler which could be avoided by space gapping and folding a single piece of cardboard. It’s just a little wasteful.

Appearance 8.5/10

It looks exactly like how you’d picture a sleek red Italian sports car that’s actually a very hot and steamy fancy Swiffer. It looks nice. It does!

Assembly: 8/10

Very simple for the most part but not fully self-explanatory. There were small touches like the mop cloth having a small tag to illustrate that you should step on it there to align the mop pad with the mop but then there were also joints and bits that weren’t totally clear as to how they fit together.

Ease of Use: 9.2/10

I love this thing, I admit it. It’s quick (20 seconds) to heat up/freshen the terrycloth mopping pad. It’s lightweight. When it’s steaming hot it’s easy to wipe away stubborn stains. I love that it steam cleans the mopping pad every use and freshens it with clean, not dirty, water. Really does make mopping a breeze. This worked great on both hardwoods and tile, I would imagine it will be superb for windows as well.

Durability 7.5/10

The base and trim parts are plastic and the mop handle and unit handle are both aluminum but it seems to be a little flimsy. A few times when I was overly enthusiastic about mopping the aluminum mop handle started to bow which made me a little nervous.

Effectiveness 8.1/10

I know, 8.1/10 looks kind of meh but it’s not…allow me to explain. There are three things holding the Moppy back. One, the pad doesn’t stay extra hot and steamy long enough, even if the aluminum base plate does, so you need to prioritize those tough stains right off the launching pad.

Two, the longer you mop with the same cloth the harder it is to mop to a point where you expel the existing water before refreshing it.

That has a direct impact on Three. If you are doing some heavy-duty cleaning you will need to swap out the microfiber pad for a new one or you will ultimately get to a point where the cloth becomes waterlogged (and dirt logged) enough that you start smearing dirty water around. Just like a regular old mop. I started in a 10’ x 12’ room where I create ceramics so it was very dusty, then knocked out two lengths of hallway measuring approximately 40’ x 3’ total, did the kitchen which measured 8’ x 12’, and then the first cleaning cloth finally failed when I tried to mop the area around and under the litter box due to the dust from the clumping litter.

The Takeaway TL; DR 8.5/10

IMHO, this is a mop for someone that hates traditional mopping but isn’t ready for the full commitment of a traditional steam mop. Moppy is far superior to a traditional mop. I found it to be faster and more effective to use. There was also less water used, so less potential damage to my shitty hardwoods. It was less of a pain in the ass than traditional mopping, just fill the base with a little water, plug it up, and let the mop pad steam for 20 seconds and you’re off. Most importantly, I thought it did a great job cleaning my floors. Would purchase again.

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