Remember the opossums?


The ones that were raised by their mom in our garage for a couple of months?

Mom pretty much quit spending time with them, left them to their own devices for days at a time and even then, when she came back, she only paid any attention to a couple of them.

So, I said “let’s do this” and it took the better part of a weekend to catch them all (a box, heavy gloves and determination). We released them into the ferns on our bank. We had tried getting them to leave on their own, by putting food and water outside instead of the garage, but they’d go out and eat, then come back in.

And the outside food brought the trash pandas, I swear, I saw one of them carrying a knife when I confronted them at the food.

We kept the food outside, but those raccoons kept coming in and making a huge mess, and even though it was in a part of the yard we didn’t spend any time in, I was over it. All food was pulled up.

Once we were sure the joeys had all been relocated to outside, the doors were blocked with the exception of the cat door in the laundry room.

I saw one last night, climbing the fence. It wasn’t as big as I remembered, but it seemed healthy enough. Fortunately, they have plenty of avocados to eat right now. Both trees have decided they’ve had enough. Brian picked up over thirty off of the ground yesterday, I got another thirteen this morning. (Vet’s office is happy, that’s where we’re taking them.)

But there were a fair amount that have been munched on. We just left those because they will finish them.

It was bittersweet. I’ll have pleasant memories of them, but we’re not doing this again.

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