Raider's Fuko 11 Birthday Pallet


My Fuko pallet arrived, here are some pictures to help show it off.

Big pallet unloading from the truck, wonder what could be inside!

Once it was rolled back to my garage I found these notes stuck under the plastic wrap up top! No way this entire thing could be…

Sure enough it is!

Woohoo, Christmas shopping done in August! I’m gonna be like the Oprah of TV’s this year!

But hey who can wait that long, lets check one out…

Well played Meh, took me awhile to check all of them but all 10 came well smashed. Thought there might be one good TV hidden in the stack, but all are well smashed RMA returns! Gave all my friends a good laugh tho. Thanks for giving me a great story I can now tell, hopefully the garbage men feel the same on my next electronics disposal day!