Political Quarantine


Hey all!

I’ve been out for a few weeks and just got caught up to the happenings here in the forums. I’m pretty bummed at what I came back to.

The political posts have escalated and are out of hand. We really try to not censor discussion here, but these posts/comments are all falling under the personal attack or trolling category. That isn’t a discussion.

We’re so close to the election and these posts are not going to change anyone’s mind or bring anyone to your side. It’s time to put it to rest.

I’m not going to go deleting everything that’s already been said. However, we are going to quarantine all politics to this thread. If you’d like to discuss politics, this is the only place to do so. We’ll be monitoring it more closely for issues, so play nice.

While we’re on a roll, I’d like to remind everyone that the following are gross:
homophobic comments/slurs
ablist phrases/slurs

I have faith that we can turn away from the political screaming matches and get back to whatever normal is for us.

  • Your friendly neighborhood Thumperchick