Please take it easy on me

hotwheels53 posted some pics said

Hi all you wonderful, beautiful and amazing Meh peeps. I’ve noticed that I have never started a post of my own on here, not to mention it’s on my stats too. I just need a little compassion when the new or old items come out to buy or not to buy. I usually don’t have my computer up and running at this time of night so I use my trusty little Samsung phone to see what is or isn’t on the the Meh screen for the night. Well the problem at hand is, when there are more videos than peeps on here my dear little phone keeps getting booted out of here and it’s really a pain in my rectal area to keep trying to come back in time and time and time and time, oh sorry got a little carried away, again. So can I ask please don’t load up the main page with all the videos, of course I can ask duhh. Don’t mean I’m gonna like the answer but if I smile pretty maybe ya’ll will take it easy on me, Best I can do on short notice. I do appreciate each and everyone of you in here. So please take that to heart before you blow my doors off. Thanks for reading that is if you do, oh well onward thru the fog, Gnite all!