Pearl Harbor Day IRK Reveal


In honor of the Pearl Harbor Day Meh-ra-thon, I just got bombed with my first-ever IRK. Perhaps my participation in the Mehrican Gift Exchange will be more traditional than I thought.
enter image description here

–Magnetic Tiles Toy: I had already bought this for my grandson; now he gets two. This raises the issue of his getting more gifts than his brother, so maybe not.
–Malin clutch purse/wallet. Does the fact that it has lugs for a strap and includes one make in not a clutch? Maybe a 2021 stocking stuffer for my grown daughter.
–Sophie & Freda lady’s watch. Maybe a 2022 stocking stuffer for my grown daughter.
How Now to Be a Dick book. Is Meh trying to tell me something?
–Bamboo Comfort Deep Pocket Luxury Twin Sheet Set. Bamboo sheets do not sound comfortable, and I have no twin beds. But they look nice.
–The coveted IRK bag!

So Meh apparently thinks I am a little girl aged 3+ who sleeps in a twin bed and acts like a dick. They have me pegged. (I’ll keep mum about how I got a grown daughter.)