OT (sort of): Drone Trip.


Please forgive the OT posting. Well, sort of OT. I'm trying to work out a road trip from central AZ to central TN. I'm planning on droning my way across the USA as I travel to visit my mother in rural Tennessee. Stopping along the way to put up the drones and see what interesting things I can record along the way.


IIRC, @djslack is somewhat near Shreveport, innit? I'm trying to maximize my budget on this trip by taking advantage of my Ceasars Entertainment, Inc. free hotel benefit. There is a Ceasars property in Bossier City (near Shreveport?) and I'm wondering, Chris, if you're familiar with the area? Stuff like, is it a safe area, easy to find and travel into and out of, easy access from I-20, stuff like that.

My initial plan is to head through southern AZ & NM via I-10, then grab I-20 outside of El Paso, through DFW area, continuing on I-20 to Jackson, MS and diverting to I-55 through Memphis, where I'd grab I-40 into central TN.

Anyone here live along that route?