Order Delays & Drop Six Shipping

snapster went on a bit of a rant said

Hello Fellow PastaDroppers!

While our operation fortuitously avoided coronavirus and warehouse closure during PastaDrop’s events, we played into bottlenecks at the carrier. Further, our experiment involved consolidating each PastaDrop into single random-quantity batches, delaying shipment after order and creating even longer delivery times. These delays are ongoing and very annoying to all of us with shipments in transit.

Many of us have tracked shipments to see delays and rerouting activity that offer a glimpse into chaos. Each wave of shipments was bounced in unique seemingly illogical ways to avoid pandemic-shuttered logistics hubs only to sit in trailers as much slower social-distance package sorting worked through high volumes. Many trailers were bounced again as hubs cycled through closure and reopening. We are also watching this at a macro level and tracking delays at 20+ days on extreme cases.

We explored solutions for weeks, but found few viable options; no one wants additional shipment volume they can’t handle well.

For the final Drop Six of PastaDrop, we are pleased to report securing a reasonable upgrade opportunity with FedEx Ground. We’ve made the call to upgrade all Drop Six shipments free and automatic. Unfortunately, the window to do this doesn’t open until Monday. Past drops have all shipped the week after; this one will be a few days later. The good news is once they ship, the transit time and delivery should be superior.

We are of course working on solutions for our other sites and we’re running some tests on recent shipments but we don’t have anything ready to announce yet.

Thank you for your support and understanding of this unique and unforeseen challenge.