"One-Click Cancel"

rickgrossman thought this was worth mentioning said

Great way to make people think they can quit you easily. Call it one click cancel. First Click around and try to find the page with the cancel option. Look carefully…it’s in the middle of a paragraph with lots of other options. Now click on the tiny word “cancel.” It disappears. It must have done it. But No. Scroll down the page and it asks for a reason and then you have to press another cancel button. (The first was a pre-cancel.). That takes you to another page…well you get the picture.

One-click cancel…belongs up there with easy open clamshell packaging, fast Windows upgrades, 5 minutes to save money on your insurance, and “this may pinch a bit.”

Which of the thirty two clicks was the one click? I have to go get treatment for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome from the one-click.