OHSHIT: Clawz for All!


We cloned an old Clawz Clogs event from a previous Meh-rathon and accidentally left it VMP-only.

What went wrong:
We’ve got this cloning button in our admin tools that’s really handy for when, say, we’re setting up a Meh-rathon with over a hundred things and some of them (ok, complainers, a lot of them) are things we’ve sold before.

Our cloning tool is homemade and has long been a challenge to determine exactly what things it should include and what it should blank out. For instance, we recently removed the shipping times from the cloning because it got screwy when we had The Delays over the summer. But it appears we still were cloning restrictions to the offers. And since the last time we had these clogs up, they were VMP-only, then this offer ended up VMP-only.


  • At least one person, and possibly 7.8 billion people, wanted to buy Clawz and couldn’t because they were VMP-only
  • The effect to our business is somewhere between $3 and $23,400,000,000 in lost revenue
  • I’m having to spend too much time writing this report, and this specific sentence, and the period at the end of the sentence that is right here.

Action Items:

  • I’m writing this report out, for a few dedicated people who may or may not be VMP and who are probably still outraged about other things that went on and that will probably not be assuaged by this report or anything else we try but maybe a few will be happy that they read through this whole thing and tried all the links
  • I don’t know, I’ll probably get some lunch soon. Is that going to help? It’ll help me. You should probably get some lunch soon too, depending on your time zone and appetite