Murder, She Wrote Guest Star Trading Cards


Murder She Wrote was on for a long time. Twelve seasons, 264 episodes, 4 TV movies: that’s a lot of dead bodies, a lot of murderers, a lot of witnesses, a lot of innocent bystanders and jilted lovers and wrongly accused rivals. And a lot of special guests to play them.

Some were familiar stars in the twilight of distinguished careers. Others were young nobodies who would someday be somebodies. Because I am a ridiculous man, I’ve made fake trading cards honoring 16 of the all-time greatest. Collect 'em all!

(They get a lot bigger if you right-click and “View Image” or “Open Image in Another Tab” or whatever.)

Some soulless bastard has taken Murder, She Wrote off of Netflix, and most of the clips on YouTube are in Japanese. So if you want to see these special guests in action, you’ll have to hope these episodes haven’t been pulled down from Dailymotion yet:

If people like these “cards” enough, I’ll make a second series. In the meantime, feel free to share your favorite unexpected guest appearances from TV shows. Any old rerun suddenly gets a lot more interesting when William Shatner or Robert Duvall wanders into frame.