Moving with a feral cat

walarney thought this was worth mentioning said

We’ve been working on moving about 30 miles to a new house. (I say “working on” because it was kind of a spur of the moment thing and there was a lot to do in a short time.) For the past 12 years or so, we’ve been feeding and caring for a feral cat that adopted us. Aside from loving her, she’s not exactly a spring chicken and we couldn’t just abandon her. So we brought her with us. Record hot weather’s probably not the best time to let her go outside in unfamiliar territory so she’s currently unhappy in our (nice and cool) laundry room.

There’s some familiar stuff here for her. The doghouse she sometimes sleeps in. A project car she likes to perch on. And of course we’ll keep putting food out for her. But I’m still worried she’ll take off and worried about disturbing the cat equilibrium in the neighborhood.

Anyone care to share success stories of cat relocation? (No failure stories, please.)