Morning Save Mystery Box reveal thread


I was really surprised of the light turn out this morning. I got there about 9:40am and only about 12 people or so in line waiting for the store to open. I met @bluebeatpete in line. It was nice to meet a fellow mehtizen IRL. Tomorrow and Sunday might be different. So still plan to get there early. And it’s the first 50 customers that make a purchase, not the first 50 that are in the door.

The store is very spacious. Lots of room for more inventory once this social distancing thing becomes a thing of the past. There’s Stroopwaffels! Also Frootkits in case you ever wanted to try them but didn’t want to buy a whole bunch of them. I did buy some things, of course… A new squirrel proof bird feeder, (we shall see, the neighborhood squirrels are quite savvy) some kitchen stuff and stuff for gifts. Also scored a Mediocritee shirt for my “I’m from the forum” prize.

on to the reveal.
Pack of Kids Justice League Socks
fuzzy heart power charger for an iphone (will be gifted)
easter themed facial masks
USB wall charger
and the grand prize… a Cuisinart Blender!!
Thanks Meh, I mean Morning Save!