Mid-Meh-rathon Mediocritee Monday


This might not be the best time to point you to another page. I know some of you never look away from the site for even a moment during the Meh-rathons, but that doesn’t change that it’s Monday!

Forget the holidays for a moment and lean hard on that nostalgia of 90’s potty humor and bad behavior.

“heh heh, he said ‘hard-on’”

If it hasn’t hit you yet, it will just as soon as you see this week’s designs from CoDDesigns. Bad behavior is all the rage in cartoons these days, but for just a while back in the day, nothing topped the outrage drawn by this iconic duo.

Share your love (or hate) in the Mediocritee forum and if these aren’t the look you’re going for, don’t overlook what we had the last few weeks, which can still be purchased using the links in the forum as well.