Merry month of Meh-mas weekend edition


So first a shout out to @canuk for the awesome Meh logo 3D printed for the fish tank. I have it currently gluing to a piece of dry live rock so that it sinks and will have a picture up tomorrow or Monday.

The birthday party went off perfectly, I said I was tired at about 10, and that if my wife needed anything to just wake me. I watched the next episode of the Mandalorian and hit the hay at 11. Fortunately I sleep through anything and the 8 teenage girls couldn’t wake this sleeping beauty even with their loud music at 1am.

/giphy sleeping beauty

So my poor wife was stuck dealing with them till they finally keeled over at 245. Sounds perfect other than this morning she was mildly grumpy having only gotten 3 hours of sleep.

Oh well the world continues to turn.

So I spent the day working only to come home to people who wanted to watch Christmas movies all night long. While there are a few hallmark movies that I can stand watching the vast majority are pure predictable crap staring Candice Cameron Bure or one of the theee other actress they seem to use.

/giphy DJ Fuller

So in the spirit of Christmas, and because I will need something to watch in 59 hours as I will be loading around with a trusty bag of frozen peas. What is your go to Christmas movie. If you were stuck on a deserted island with power and a big screen tv or a portable projector or whatever what Christmas movie would you watch? If you don’t celebrate Christmas then what holiday themed movie?

Lastly will considering Judaism as a religion and a nation really fix anti-semitism?