Meh rebranding: "mAh: We only sell powerbanks."

matthewvoll went on a bit of a rant said

“Welcome to mAh: We only sell powerbanks. And also Bluetooth speakers. And sometimes socks.”

A brand should let the consumer know exactly what to expect. Here at mAh, we sell powerbanks in any form and configuration you could ever conjure up. We have no-frills powerbanks. We have powerbanks built into backpacks. Want a powerbank in your cookie jar? NO PROBLEM! On Tuesdays we change that FM dial to classic rock and offer our super cool “Two for Tuesday” deals! Wait till you see what we have to offer on Black Friday; a 50 pack of powerbanks for the whole family and those weird people at the office you’re not sure what to get. Nothing says “your cubicle etiquette makes me uncomfortable” more than giving a 200 mAh powerbank that takes you from 3% battery to 7%! Oh yes, we also sell Bluetooth speakers, but those are just repurposed powerbanks hooked up to a speaker. The ones that float get a “waterproof” sticker. We only sell powerbanks, until we do not. Then we sell socks. You will only wear these socks once. For those of you that do not lose them to the dryer monster, you can just throw them away. Or use them as mittens, another fantastic innovation we have pioneered here at mAh!

Also, check out our new sister website, “Caffinut!” Just like how we juice up your cell phone, we sell different 50 lb bags of coffee every day to keep you buzzin’. What’s the catch? We only sell our favorite flavor- HAZELNUT! Yum.