Meh Holiday August 8 -- International Hangover Day

ThunderChicken thought this was worth mentioning said

Following on the heels (or hopefully the tiptoes) of International Beer Day is International Hangover Day.

If you prepared well for this day, “celebration” will take a natural course: However, there are certain conventions you may wish (or have) to follow:

Ritual: Praying to the porcelain god
Activity: Watching the room spin.
Drink: Tea is nice. It’s a good day to finally try out that mug/infuser thingie you got from meh.
Food: Areyououttayourfrigginmind?

During a quiet moment (and if there is any mercy, all of your moments will be quiet today), you might try writing a haiku.

Daytime of drinking.
Night of wild celebration.
I so hate my life.