Math Prodigy


Does your child use Math Prodigy at home/school? In my local schools it is being used.

For those who don’t know about Math Prodigy - it is a site where math is turned into a video game to teach children mathematics. But like a video game the kids are bombarded with membership messages. Of course, every kid wants membership because that is how you collect and earn all the really good loot.

I did not create this thread to argue the membership message or the merits/drawbacks of this type of teaching tool. It is what it is, and many schools/parents have embraced it.

I created it for those parents who would maybe buy a membership if it was cheap. Currently a one year membership is $60 - ouch! I wanted to wait until I purchased mine to make sure that it was not a scam and 100% legit to post this deal.

On facebook there is a Math Prodigy buy in group. I participated in the buy in and I can guarantee you that it is 100% legit. You will have to ask to be accepted to the group page and then you just watch the posts until the next buy in is announced. The cost for a one year membership is $15! You also have to have a free parent account to link your child’s account to. The instructions have to be read and followed exactly - if you make a mistake they refund your $15 with a $5 penalty subtracted. And then you have to re-submit.

Here is the page if anyone is interested. Like I said, this is legit and my son’s account is showing active with a one year membership. You can also continue to participate in the buy in when that year runs out.