MAD APE DEN - Go out, let-go vim!


It pop up for a war, I spy a fir ugg
It fly in the air, a hum nut E.T.
We tag up and the yen do up the BPM (do up the BPM)
Zip zap, Zip Zap, the cow goo way is as a wet pop nut

Day ere go bye bye bye (wan rye boy)
who dun it (as far as you see),
wax up all thy ki (any sub are ok)
To me! lai, lai, lai
Ooh, a wow fab let-go vim!

To yen to eat, be bad, sun hue put-put
An alp big on ken
The two hit up, the two cut off
The two hit up, the two cut off
Oh, no!
Aah, end it! As Mr God has it as bad
So sad.
Ohh, all you can eat let-go vim!
Go go on out and max the let-go vim!

Make it happen @matthew!