Look Smart Trivia: Mystery Theme


There’s mystery in the air, enigma in the water, perplexity in the dirt. Yet another Mystery Theme is upon us, so squint hard through your mental magnifying glass and figure out what these five images have in common. The first one to figure it out, list the appropriate characteristic for each, and add a sixth photo in keeping with the theme will claim a $5 Meh coupon for your own (unless you’ve won one already in the last seven days). Insert signoff catchphrase here!

Teamwork made the dream work last Friday, when the ineligible-to-win @cinoclav offered up the answers to Paris By Decade to whoever wanted them, and @UncleVinny picked them up and carried them to glory, and that $5 coupon:

  1. 1950’s
  2. 1930’s
  3. 1900’s
  4. 1920’s
  5. 1970’s