Look Smart Trivia: Minerals


Animal is obviously the star of the game, and vegetable gets some play now and then - but almost nobody ever asks you to guess a mineral. As these five citizens of the mineral kingdom illustrate, minerals are worthy of the spotlight even if we can’t eat them, or they can’t eat us. As usual here, I’m using the term “mineral” loosely. I don’t care if any of these are technically gemstones or just plain rocks. First to name all five will stake a claim to a $5 Meh coupon. Insert signoff catchphrase here!

Time for an acknowledgement of the accomplishments of @cinoclav, who was the first to get 4 out of 5 in our 15-Letter Words quiz:

  1. Personification
  2. Congratulations
  3. Armadillidiidae
  4. Methamphetamine
  5. Disorganization