Look Smart Trivia: 15-Letter Words


Here are five images whose characteristics can be summed up in words of exactly 15 letters. Most are straightforward English words of standard comfortableness, not extreme in their inaccessibility - but at least one will require a certain connoisseurship of obscure terms, or at least some resourcefulness with Google. Perhaps your fellow players will show some kindheartedness and accommodatingly help you out. I have a specific word in mind for each, but if your experimentation yields an interchangeable term of adequate appropriateness, and you’re the first with good answers for all five, you may feed your acquisitiveness with a $5 Meh coupon. Insert signoff catchphrase here!

@slipperyp not only identified the five cities we toured in our Streets of South America video quiz. They also walked us through the deductive process, which unfolded exactly the way I planned, mwah-ha-ha. Seriously, check it out for some insight into how I construct these things - it might just score you 5 bucks someday, plus the priceless satisfaction of besting your fellow Mehtizens:

  1. Cartagena, Colombia
  2. La Paz, Bolivia
  3. Cayenne, French Guiana
  4. Asuncion, Paraguay
  5. Buenos Aires, Argentina