Look Smart Trivia: Indian Food


OK, OK, “Indian food” doesn’t really exist. We’re talking about a country with 22 officially recognized languages, stretching from frozen peaks to sun-baked deserts to steaming river deltas, with thousands of years of cultural evolution behind it. There’s no more something called “Indian food” than there is a “European food”. So I’ll just say that all of these treats are popular among some people in some regions of India. The first player to name all five will win a $5 Meh coupon, which is useful but tastes terrible. Insert signoff catchphrase here!

You can’t get anything past @Brandon313, who named all five of our April Fool’s Day Hoaxes. No hoax:

  1. Fritz Kreisler, violinist who claimed that several of his compositions were actually written by famous composers of the past, c. 1900-1935
  2. Bill English, who claimed to be Billie Thomas, who played Buckwheat in the Little Rascals films, 1990
  3. Football scores including the fictional Plainfield Teachers college, 1941
  4. Alan Sokal, who published an intentionally nonsensical article in the journal Social Text in 1996
  5. The cover of I, Libertine, a nonexistent novel that radio host Jean Shepard organized his listeners to request from bookstores, and which was later written and published for real, 1956