Look Smart Trivia: Dog Breeds


Dog breeds: exquisite achievements of human ingenuity, or abomination against nature? However you look at it, look at these five purebreds. If you can identify them all before anyone else does, you’ll score a $5 coupon for the fleabitten mongrel of ecommerce, Meh. Insert signoff catchphrase here!

@Trillian and @tekbot saw red on Friday, figuring out the scarlet-hued Mystery Theme with each other’s help. So what the hell, let’s give 'em both a $5 Meh coupon:

  1. the Harvard Crimson
  2. Carmine Ragoosa
  3. Salmon P. Chase
  4. Cinnabar carvings
  5. Ruby & the Romantics
    and 6. “Red Song” posted by @Trillian
    and 6. Nick Cave - “Red Right Hand” posted by @tekbot