Look Smart Trivia: Dictators of the 1970s


The 70s were kind of a gold-painted age for truly creepy, bizarre dictators. Your friendly neighborhood megalomaniac, sheltered by one side or the other in the Cold War, mouthing warmed-over 60s platitudes of liberation, was free as never before to indulge his (always his) sadism, delusions of grandeur, and terribly tacky taste. These five monsters all held office during at least part of that decade - if you’re the first to name them, you’ll win a five-dollar coupon code from Meh. If not, well, you can at least be very thankful you don’t have to live under them. Insert signoff catchphrase here!

A hearty hoera, zito and evviva to @DennisG2014, who got the closest to identifying the five languages in yesterday’s pretty damn difficult Name That Language video:

  1. Welsh
  2. Bahasa Indonesia
  3. Hindi
  4. Esperanto
  5. Yolngu