Look Smart Trivia: Blurry Cereal Boxes


What happened last night? What was in those drinks? Where did you put your glasses? Maybe you just stayed up too late thinking up yet more lame jokes explaining why a reader’s vision would be blurry while looking at these blurry trivia clues. Anyway, if you’re the first to identify the gauzy, indistinct cereal boxes shown here, you’ll score a $5 Meh coupon. Put that in your milk and slurp it. Insert signoff catchphrase here!

If Google adventure has a name, it must be @cinoclav. He scored his tenth $5 meh coupon when he uncovered the lost secrets of our Archaeological Sites quiz with the swashbuckling aplomb of Indiana Jones, but not quite as sweaty:

  1. Tholos (Delphi, Greece)
  2. Punda Rock Art (Newman, Western Australia)
  3. Granaries at Harappa, Pakistan
  4. Mayan Ruins of Tikal, Guatemala
  5. Cahokia Mounds (Between East St. Louis and Collinsville, IL)