Look Smart Trivia 3: Name That Cheese


Some people dream of starting a winery, or baking the ultimate loaf of bread, or roasting the perfect coffee bean. If I ever went artisanal, I’d be all about the cheese. This cheese qwhiz (LOL) takes your brain, eyes, and salivary glands on a delicious tour around the wonderful world of cheese. If you’re the first one to name all the stops in a comment below, you win $5 in Meh cash! Delicious!

We’ll confirm the winner tomorrow. Yesterday’s winner and answers are below. Insert signoff catchphrase here!

Yesterday’s Islands with a Twist challenge was won by Limewater, so if you need someone to navigate your ship, trust Limewater to not get disoriented. (Limewater, your $5 coupon code is LOOKSMART, expiring 1/8/2020.)

  1. Australia
  2. Ireland
  3. Madagascar
  4. Cuba
  5. Sicily