Late 90s Ford trucks/w4d owners/really all shade tree mechanics

unksol went on a bit of a rant said

Just for fun anyone else in procession of one of one of these rust buckets? I bought a 1997 Expedition which is based around the F150 of the same time but it was only $400. 200K miles. That was the first year Expedition with the 5.4 trition v8 2V. So parts, or at least listings get a little weird .

Not the 3V that breaks off plugs in the engine. All though it’s hard to get to them anyway. It couldn’t shift and the radiator was leaking. So a shit tube later good to go then the coolant system. Then rusted out trailing arms. Should be fine for a while since 2wd/4lo/4hi/awd all work

I obviously travel the usual ford forums when I have a problem. But I haven’t joined any. If any other back yard mechanics or cheap skates are out there and want to comment on their issues…I figure might be some here. Might be interesting to complain about that one time that fucking bolt wouldn’t let go and you burned and then hacksawd it. Etc
Where else better would people have a meh truck? Or meh car?

I’m sort of focused on the expedition right now cause the Saturn has a BAD rod knock now at 250K and I can still drive her. But I kept her up for 15 years. And she’s easy to do an engine swap on if I find a decent one. Truck frames are new to me.