It's not too many tools; it's too many platforms.


So I decided to go through the cordless power tools I have and all the different platforms … and it goes like this:

  • Bosch 12v
  • Skil 12v
  • DeWalt 14.4v
  • Porter Cable 18v
  • Black and Decker 18v
  • Black and Decker 20v
  • Skil 20v

My weekend thoughts:

  • I should consider phasing out the Bosch 12v, as all I have is an impact driver. Both the Skil 12v impacts are more powerful, albeit bulkier (regular) or longer (right angle).

  • In terms of battery tech, the DW 14.4v, PC 18v and B&D 18v are NiCad based; the latter two easily adapts to the newer B&D 20v with $10-ish adapters I already have, though.

  • The B&D 20v drill is by far the least capable drill I have. Thus so far, its sole purpose has been powering scouring pads and scrub brushes. It was also included in a kit I bought from Amazon Warehouse because it was cheaper to buy it instead of just an extra battery and charger alone.

  • I have so many “extra” drill/drivers now that I’ll just switch tools instead of switching bits. It’s faster.

  • I might just hack one of the extra DeWalt 14.4 impact wrenches with an adapter to run a different battery (at a higher voltage). It has a brushed motor (so it doesn’t care as much) and as a bare ex-jobsite tool, it isn’t worth much in resale.

  • Over the years, meh hasn’t sold much in cordless power tools.

  • Beyond all the power banks from meh, Skil includes USB charging ports so technically, I have even more now.

  • I dream of the day in which all the brands will cooperate with a universal battery platform. It’ll never happen, though, as there’s too much money involved in keeping folks on a proprietary design.