mrjd wrote:Wait... so now shipping is included in the base price of shirts? Now I'm essentially paying shipping for EACH item in my order? That's a bunch of crap and you know it.

Woot has just lost a customer that's been here for nearly a decade if thats the case.

The nearly see thru "premium" shirts cut the number of buys I make down significantly and now this? I'm done with Woot this is BS.

Your refurb electronics are crap, your shirt quality is garbage now.

Way to go.

Maximize those profits without my $.

I appreciate your feedback, mrjd. This was an extremely difficult decision to make and was not made lightly nor was it made to be profiteer. Just to be clear, this decision was based purely on economics. We're hurting and needed to make the change; as an aside, this is how the pricing was prior to 2015 (price covering shipping). The alternative was to no longer be able to provide you with quality content from our phenomenal artists. I encourage you to try the Port & Company blank when it launches on 2/1. We appreciate your business through the years.