IRK vs TEMU; Your Mileage May Vary

werehatrack went on a bit of a rant said

I spent the last two weeks on the road, and while I was gone, both an IRK and a package from TEMU arrived. I was struck by the way that the two were similar in many (sometimes rueful) respects.

The IRK contained a Cuisinart cutting board, an IRK bag, a pair of yoga pants, and a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. The TEMU package contained a kit of Dremel-ish bits designed for use with a nail salon rotary tool remarkably like a mini-Dremel, a very nice case for such bits, a manicure set, a magnetic oil drain plug tool with a flexible shaft, a small collapsible funnel, some reflective stickers, and some LEDs. The cost for the two purchases was in the same ballpark. The value received was similar in many respects. And because TEMU’s shipping is just slow enough to allow the purchaser to forget what’s coming in some cases, there’s a level of surprise involved in the unpacking of both.

Overall, I have to say that back when an IRK was reliably just $5 (plus shipping if you weren’t a Mehmber), it was the better entertainment value. But at $20+, dropping the cash on TEMU may be the more satisfying route, if you know the nature of the beast and can shape the results to your tastes. And for me, this is going to weigh heavily in my future reactions to Mehrathons where the IRKs are nontrivially priced.

Your thoughts?