IRK vs BOC: February 2023 Edition


These two packages arrived during the same week, and the outward similarity gave me the idea to do a comparison. My BOC was from the Woot-off from a few weeks ago, but first package got lost in shipping and this was the replacement.
two same sized cardboard boxes
Boxes are about the same size and weight. IRK (left) has a handle sticking out. Advantage: IRK
boxes open
Both come with bags. IRK has plenty of room for Texas air, but none provided. Advantage: BOC
IRK stuff spread out
IRK contents:

  • Cuisinart fry pan and sauce pan with lid
  • Mary Ruth in a bottle
  • iPhone cases and screen protectors
  • Sunglasses
    BOC stuff spread out
    BOC contents:
  • Fleece lined hoodie XL
  • Empty Bulova watch box
  • Box of Crayons
  • Socks
  • Easel card holders
  • Squishy light bulb
  • Cabinet storage thingy
  • Black pants 36/32
  • SUPERfeet
  • CAT workboots 9.5

I just replaced my worn out CAT workboots with Keens, and these are one size too small anyway. But I will use the Superfeet.

So it comes down to pans vs. boots and hoodie. Kind of a toss up depending on your circumstances. But I’m going to give the win to BOC for quantity and slightly higher randomness factor.