IRK Totes in the Wild


The ‘Three Village Artisan and Farmers Market’ near where I live put out a plea for reusable cloth bag donations for customers to use if they didn’t bring their own. I decided it would be a good place to unload donate my IRK tote collection for a worthy cause. I arranged my collection in rainbow-ish order and dropped off 24 of them at the market, which is open every Friday from 3-7PM (I kept a purple and blue one for myself). Needless to say, they were very pleased with the haul. I went back the next week and was happy to see them proudly hanging at the ‘Fat Ass Fudge’ booth. I was told that half of them were already claimed. So if you are on Long Island, NY in the Setauket area, keep an eye out for IRK totes in the wild. Maybe we’ll even get new meh-mbers from the exposure. Or not.