Irk Fan Fiction Contest


It’s Meh’s Birthday! Let’s celebrate. We’ll be celebrating throughout the day (especially during working hours) with games and prizes. You give us your creativity. We’ll reward you with fun bonuses.

We’re kicking it off with what is probably the worst idea that has ever come from the Meh CS team.

We want your best Irk Fan Fiction.

Dive deep into the mind of the troll that runs the worl……d. Write us a story about how you think Irk lives his life, who he interacts with, and maybe dive deep into his personal relationships.

In my notes for planning this game, I have this written:
“Please, no Irk sex.” I feel like I should say that. Try to stick to that rule.

We’ll have prizes for winners. Best in show will get something special.

DEADLINE - You’ve got 24 hours.