Ink For Irk 2023


I’m officially announcing Ink for Irk 2023 a full week early.

For those unfamiliar, if you get a Meh-related tattoo, we will send you a free Irk each time we offer them for as long as we offer Irks.

If you need an idea for what tattoo to get, check out the most recent Ink for Irk thread and see what got rewarded.

Here is the thing. THIS IS THE FINAL OPPORTUNITY for Ink for Irk. We will not be reopening it going forward. We’ve had a fun time with it, but it’s time to move on.

You must have your tattoo complete before Friday the 7th. It must be a real tattoo. You must post a photo proving the date and that the tattoo still exists to claim the free Irk. Yes, we have denied previous attempts. Irk. Glen. meh logo. All great ideas.

I’ll post some Ink for Irk history when the smoke clears next week.

Go get em!